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 Posted: Fri Feb 17th, 2006 04:04 am
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On the other hand, I agree with your first couple of sentences, namely that it's because they just don't give a damn. Tragic, but true. I have many questions regarding how they did all this along a busy road (Emmitsburg), although GB does pull in the sidewalks after dusk. Sounds like maybe more volunteers are needed for the park watch.


Like you, I am having a hard time understanding how they could do this so close to the Emmittsburg Road, and not get caught.  Gettysburg is home of local, county and state police, not to mention the NPS police, and you can bet these yahoos were not being extremely quiet while vandalizing the monuments.  What bothers me even more is the park is closed with the new hours, and yet they got a truck into the park and could do the damage they did up in Devil's Den without being caught??

Will just add, beside not giving a damn, am sure those involved thought it was a "fun" thing to do, which sickens me even more. 

Shaking my head here in the Garden State. :(

Steve Basic


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