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 Posted: Sun Sep 23rd, 2007 10:02 pm
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You may well already have these titles, enjoyable regardless.


Barnard, George N.,  Photographic Views of Sherman’s Campaign, Dover Publications 1977.  This is a useful book for the terrain if you ever opt into the diorama.


Griffith, Paddy, Battle In the Civil War Generalship and Tactics in America 1861-65, Fieldbooks, 1986.  Another useful book if you ever opt for the diorama.


Thomas, Dean S., Cannons An Introduction to Civil War Artillery, Thomas Publications, 1994.  A good one for the cannon if you ever opt to add some arty


Coggins, Jack, Arms and Equipment of the Civil War, Bradfoot Publishing, 1962.

Todd, Frederick P., American Military Equipage 1850-1872 vol 2, Company of Military Historians, 1977.

Todd, Frederick P., American Military Equipage 1850-1872 vol 3, Company of Military Historians, 1977.  Coggins & Todds are a useful supplement to Echoes of Glory if you ever go the scratchbuild route for equipment.


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