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 Posted: Mon Sep 24th, 2007 02:13 am
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There are other works out there detailing the uniform, but they don't hold a candle to Troiani's work.

Miller, David, The illustrated Directory of Uniforms, Weapons, and Equipment of the Civil War,  MBI Publishing, 2001.


Smith, Robin & Field, Ron, Uniforms of the Civil War,Lyons Press, 2001.

I wouldn't pay full price for either of them... I think I did for one and it has since gone missing.

Todds books are out of print, but ironically everyone I know who has bought a set online in the last couple years had the books come out of England.  Todd's works detail state by state it was originally intended to be several more volumes but the works were never completed.  Dated but fascinating.

I did a half dozen small scale 1/72nd CW dioramas in college and three years ago I got a burr under my saddle to do a portion of the Allatoona fight.  Had it all figured out and a source for some very nice 1/35th CW figs that I thought I could modify w/out too much of a fight.  Then Arthur went so bad I couldn't hold a brush for a straight line (but my dry brushing turned into dynamite!) and it's played merry hob w/ my shooting on top of it.

I always enjoyed the diorama so much more than one figure, a 3 dimensional photograph was what I always tried to create.  Made my beer money and helped my rent quite a lot throughout college.  Sold my last one for about $300 IIRC.  Though the neighbors rejoiced when I moved away, no more threats to their hedge (best mini tree in the world, just add Oregeno for leaves) and my roomates stopped having to buy so many spices.

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