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 Posted: Mon Sep 24th, 2007 06:30 am
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Thanks again for the book recommendations Johan. As if I haven't got enough books on my shopping list :P  Are you familiar with the Osprey ACW books? and how do you rate them? I find them a cheap and readily available resource and the ones I have covering WW1 are pretty accurate. just wondered which of the ACW books were worth purchasing, if any. I have the one on the Union army by Phillip Katcher.

Your dio's sound pretty cool and if you could sell them all the better. I've done a couple of 120mm commisions for a chap in New York which was quite profitable too.

I'd like to do something with maybe just 3 or 4 54mm figures, some bits of hedge and and some oregano:D not entirely sure yet. I'm just waiting for the right photo or illustration to inspire to give it a go. In the meantime I've got a couple of figures lined up for painting.


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