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 Posted: Mon Sep 24th, 2007 07:05 am
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I answered right in the middle between Agree and Disagree for many of the questions. And one to the left or right of the middle for most of the others. Only for a very few did I answer Agree or Disagree to the maximum extent. I am rarely 100% cocksure about anything. So, here are my results:

You scored as: William T. Sherman

William T. Sherman 65%
General Ambrose Burnside 65%
General George McClellan 55%
General James Longstreet 55%
Robert E. Lee 55%
U. S. Grant 50%
Stonewall Jackson 45%
General Jeb Stuart 40%
General Nathan Bedford Forrest 40%
General Phillip Sheridan 35%

An amusing little fantasy quiz, I must say. In all likelihood, I would have been a private in the infantry, with a predilection towards straggling.

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