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 Posted: Fri Feb 17th, 2006 08:19 am
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connyankee wrote: A few years back, the University of Connecticut did a survey of college seniors at 55 of the country's top colleges which they dubbed the "Elite College History Survey".  65% who took this high school history test flunked it.

Here's what they offered.  Try it out and judge for yourself.


Alright, someone who knows how to score things is going to have to tell me how well I did. I got 27 out of 34 correct. The first one I got wrong was number 7 and I stupidly decided not to go with my first choice thinking it was too logical with what I know and what I remember being taught in eight grade about the Emancipation Proclamation. The only other one I got wrong that I should have gotten right was number 28, there I should have paid attention to the roman numerals instead of blindly circling. Thought I was circling WWII only to find out I circled WWI. Other than those two, I really would have missed the ones I did.

Some I thought were way too easy, like the dates. Given those kinds of ranges for dates, I think it's easier to get the correct answer, which makes the 65% failing all the sadder. Then there was questions 5 and 17 which, while indeed would be a part of history, I feel don't belong on a history quiz. Their more pop culture and I'd bet were two that rarely were missed.

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