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 Posted: Mon Sep 24th, 2007 11:43 pm
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I too have the same apprehension towards those three( I haven't yet invested in them as explaining the $45 for the three to the better half might be hazardous to my health at the moment), but I would consider them superior to the Osprey equivelant.


I suppose it might not really be fair of me to hold such irrritation at the Osprey series, but I have noted errors repeatedly in their orks.  All minor, but annoying to a detail man like myself.  As an example their cav book fails to note the Orange trim for Dragoons or the Green for Mounted Rifles and both of theose Regiments kept that trimm until at least late 63.  Another example was the Sharpshooter book... missing prominant CS Sharpshooter units altogether and printing some pretty distinctive errors that I think would have been caught by a more knowledgeable editor.  There was also a couple glaring errors in their Iron Brigade volume but off hand I don't recall them.

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