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 Posted: Mon Sep 24th, 2007 11:45 pm
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As always Doc J, agree. What struck me was the reasoning for the men going off to war - some obviously went to make us free/patriotic reasons, but some honestly answerred that it was for the excitment, get away from their small towns. Similar to answers given by CW soldiers. Since I grew up a Cowboy fan, was occasionally switching to tha' Bears/Cowboy rout. Hopefully my Saints will finally come through. However, despite it's drawbacks, still think the Burns documentary is worth watching. One aspect that I was unaware of was the allied generals wanting to wait to attack Europe but Roosevelt and the politicians wanted an attack due to an election year. Guess who won - the politicians, thus North Africa was invaded. Sounds similar to Lincoln/McClellen - times never change do they. Something I didn't realize was Roosevelt prior to the US entry into the war called the chiefs of staff in and wanted to invade/take over the Azors, but the chiefs responded that they couldn't beat Portugal's army. Just an example how small/unprepared our own forces were prior to the onset of WWII. IMHO, without WWI, WWII would'nt have occurred. WWI holds more interest for me than does WWII. Diplomacy, correctly done, could have prevented it.

Doc C

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