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 Posted: Tue Sep 25th, 2007 12:21 am
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Doc C-

   I believe that Ken Burns' object was to tell the stories of individuals from four different locations who served in the war as well as those who waited for them to return. Thus, it is the stories of the participants that it is the object to tell, rather than to be a general documentary on the war. After watching the first episode, I am not disappointed.

   Of the 16 millions who were in uniform, less than 20% remain alive. Its good that a few of them are getting to tell their stories now, since their time is almost up. I expect at the end of the series to see some form of memorial to those participants who have died since telling their stories.

   Americans, then and now, have always been an impatient people. Most of us came from those who were dissatisfied. After all, our predecessors were those who left their homes and families, either by choice or necessity, in order to make a better life for themselves in a new and strange land. The timid never left, and the weak died along the way.

   The strength of the nation came from a determination to make things work, as well as a willingness to make sacrifices when necessary. We saw this in the WW II generation, as well as in the Civil War generation. Ordinary people had to deal with frightening realities. I have to wonder if the present society has the same resilience as it did in previous times.

PS- In response to what you wrote about generals vs. politicians re: invasion of Western Europe, I have to agree with Churchill that Allied forces would have had a very difficult time prevailing in Europe in 1943. The invasion into North Africa in my mind showed how unprepared we were in 1942. We had not yet found the right leaders, the right strategies, and the right equipment that provided the victory later. Many lessons were learned in Africa and in the Italian Campaign on how not to do things. Even in 1944, after the Wehrmacht had been bled further on the Russian Front, the Americans and the Brits did not have an easy time of it.

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