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 Posted: Tue Sep 25th, 2007 04:36 pm
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Disappointing so far, the music is horrible except when they play the period music. They are seemingly jumping around, they gloss over and ignore key things Coral Sea (completely ignored) and Midway (glossed over).

They are obviously going to beat to death the Japanese detention thing without mentioning the other side of the coin. I got the feeling he is comaparing that to Nazi Concentration Camps without doing so directly. the comment from one guy that the Japanese were there one day and then mysteriously disappeared over night smacks too much of the Nazis for me.

It should have been called the War and America as it seems to be as much about the home front as the war, versus a telling of the war itself. I understand what he is doing but the title "The War" seems too grandiose for that. Burns seems to want to make a huge point that America had its warts. Just tell the story without lingering on the racism angle, talk about it but don't beat it to death.

The Civil War it ain't.

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