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 Posted: Wed Sep 26th, 2007 01:29 am
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When live firing real minies down range a rifled arm actually fouls considerably less than w/ blanks.  THe expansion of the minie cleans a lot of the fouling out.  Part of the reason a real round has more recoil than a blank.  A properly lubed minie will drop right into the barrel and will seat all the way down w/ minimal force.  You NEVER use more than two fingers to ram home a round the reason is simple and practical, smoldering embers have a very real chance of igniting the charge and propeling the bullet and ramrod out of the offending barrel at a rather unhealthy speed.  If you need to use more than two fingers... time to drop some water down the barrel or empty the bladder, either method works.

I've fired 40 rds out of my M1841 w/out ever having to field clean her, I didn't notice any significant fouling until the last 5-6 rounds.  The Wilkinson cleaner rounds do make a difference.  It's also important to realize few men fired off more than 40 rounds non stop in battle.  THere are exceptions but they are actually quite rare.  Some US units at Gettysburg fored off an average of just 5 per man.

THe CS was using large amounts of English manufactured ammunition, CS Arsenal & captured US ammo, all of which did a splendid job of properly lubing bullets.

A smooth bore firing round ball fouls much more dramaticly and after 20 rds had best be cleaned or the next round may not seat properly.

Modern Black powder, in the form of Goex FFg, is no cleaner or more accurate than that used in the CW, Pyrodex is but not the stuff most use in live fire or re-enacting.  Many men did fashion a wooden block to help them ram home rounds, this was actually more prevelant w/ troops using smoothbores, the mini is holding a P53 rifled musket (the sling id's it) not a M1842 smoothbore.

He's cleaning his musket w/ a patch... otherwise when using the entire fist such he would quickly earn the nickname Stumpy.

Any reenactor or soldier who uses his fist thus to ram home a round... needs to be properly trained.

The minis is painted to look like a veteran... a veteran who would have been quite aware of the realities of loading his weapon in the heat of battle.

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