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 Posted: Wed Sep 26th, 2007 05:09 am
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So far I have enjoyed the series, and I believe that it is refreshing to see more of the home front strory told than one is likely to see anywhere else.

I think it is a good thing that they concentrate on the japanese treatment of POW's and the show has not glossed over the effect of our strategic bombing campaign on the enemy civilian populances. Burns said in an interview that much of the motivation for doing the series was the lack of understanding shown by the american populance of the war. This is of course true, and I think "the war" provides an excellent starting point for people to learn about, and become interested in learning more about world war 2. People have these notions today about what war is all about (i.e. the "war" in Iraq), and "the war" does well to illustrate just how terrible it is and MUST BE when executed with an aim to win.

On a side note, it is interesting the differing views of those who fought in different theaters. So far the series has not come out and out in saying it, but one can infer from the views represented the difference. The amount of hatred my grandfather (who served in the pacific) holds for the Japanese is 100 times that expressed by my grandfather who fought in Europe against the Germans (with the possible exception of the SS).

Still, today, my grandfather holds a burning hatred for Japanese (ALL japanese -no matter how young) though he fought against them 60 years ago. Is it wrong for him to be that way? Yes. But I sure as hell cannot begin to comprehend what he went through and will leave him to his beliefs. He has never really told a lot about his experiences there, but when he does they are universally some of the most horendous events one can imagine.

My grandfather on my dads side fought in europe, was a BAR man over there. Landing on D-day plus 11 I think, and wounded horribly at the battle of the bulge. His stories were even fewer, but it is obvious he did not have that amount of hatred of the enemy my other grandfather has.

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