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 Posted: Wed Sep 26th, 2007 02:11 pm
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THe cleaner rounds were intended to be fired every 10 rounds the intention being to scour out the fouling w/ a washer attached to the back end. The originals sometimes worked sometimes didn't as the cleaning washer attached to the back of the bullet often broke in the process of ramming it home. Fouling was worse w/ English made bullets which were smooth w/out the grease grooves which also acted to scour some fouling out of the barrel.

As to the bayonet, many a solider both US & CS did ditch the thing at first opportunity but many did not. Frankly the bayonet & bowie would only really be appropriate early war... or for green troops. Most of the ANV carried bayonets through to Appomotax, further west mileage varied considerably.

CW firearms are my forte, my joy. I've fired originals of most of the major types of CW long arms.

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