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 Posted: Fri Feb 17th, 2006 04:35 pm
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Thanks for the update on the NPS position. I also will bring this to the attention of my roundtable, and ask for donations to help repair these historic monuments. Great idea!!!!

I'm not sure I agree with the assurtion that these acts can somehow be attributed to a Pro-casino faction. That just doesn't make any sense. Not that this sort of action makes any sense to thinking folks to start with. I work for the Parks Department in our municipality, and we see this sort of vandelism on a fairly regular basis. More often than not, it's kids or young "adults" that perform these acts. It's been my expereance that unless the individuals are caught in the act, there is little that can be done, other to repair the damage. Given the age of these monuments, I'm not sure if the damage can be repaired without unsightly reminders of these foolish acts.

IF the perps are caught, it's my hope the full weight of fedral law is brought against them.


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