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 Posted: Thu Sep 27th, 2007 08:35 pm
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Here's my hard evidence that slings caused fouling:

On May 3, 1863, at the Battle of Salem Church, the 15th New Jersey’s Enfields slings came detached from the stock and made their way down the barrel, fouling the weapons so bad that some men were forced to drive their ramrods into trees in an attempt to properly seat their loads.

Walthall’s Brigade, at Chickamauga, likewise had problems, not so much with fouling, even though that was part of the problem, but with improperly sized bullets. Lt. Harrison, brigade ordnance officer, wrote: “after the first few rounds, [some of the ammunition] was found too large, and frequently chocking the guns to the extent that they could [minies] could not be forced down...except by cramming them down with the sling” (OR Vol. 30, 2:277)

Lt. Col. H. Oladowski, ordnance officer, reported on the Army of Tennessee in March 1863, that “The ammunition supplied for the Enfield rifles was found in a few instances rather too large. When guns become fouled, after the sling slid down the barrel and residue from them fouled the barrel out, making it  difficult to lodge the bullet home.”
(OR Vol. 32, 2:762-763)

So there!!....Nya!!

...heehee....Sometimes, I have too much time on my hands...

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