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 Posted: Fri Sep 28th, 2007 09:52 pm
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Our whole family is involved in CWR and we love it.  The first to fall for this hobby was my then 8 year old son. We attended a local living history in our town one October, lo these many years ago, and really enjoyed the event. My son talked about it for months and we decided to go RVing to Gettysburg for the big July reenactment that following summer.  It was such a blast!  Despite the 98 degree in the shade heat and high humidity that weekend we came home and realized we kept talking about it afterwards.  My husband hooked up with a local CW musical group and eventually joined a unit. They, however, "frown" upon women and children in their midst so that was a turnoff. :X  About a year later we found our new "family" and absolutely love it. My son is now 14 and a Private in the unit.  I am the camp cook and my daughter, who is 12 but looks 15, will someday play the camp floozy!  (only because I am too old and round! :?)  My husband is in the ranks as well. 

I guess we are very fortunate to have found a really enjoyable hobby that the whole family participates in. It gets us away from all the modern distractions a few weekends a year and I can't tell you the benefits I see for the kids.  We play cards, dice, horseshoes...we churn butter. We sing period songs in camp. Kicking off your shoes and wading in a small creek behind the camp after a hot day becomes the best fun on the planet!  We have pictures of every event and cherish every one.  I guess we are lucky.



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