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 Posted: Fri Sep 28th, 2007 11:37 pm
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Slings were used by both sides, there is even a specific reference in a manual, don't reacll which off hand, on how to properly sling arms. Any time a soldier was order "Arms at Will" or several other commands letting the soldier relax a bit he was allowed to sling or otherwise cary his weapon how he saw fit.

I have seen a picture or two over the years of men using their slings, that said an acquintance of mine who collects original uniforms from the Crimean War period through WWI has shown me a couple of slings that were refashined into suspenders on CW trousers.

Right shoulder shift, actually a quite comfortable position to carry a rifle muske, was not the only way a musket was carried on the march.

CW soldiers did not utilize sling swivels but stacked their arm using the bayonet or ramrod.

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