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 Posted: Sat Sep 29th, 2007 04:37 pm
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No, the boys of the 4th MN VI are what I would call the typical western Regt. Hard marching, hard fighting men. My impression is different than the standard Infantryman by the M1841 w/ sabre bayonet and the Hardee hat. As far as I can tell the 4th was never officially issued forage caps through the entire war (apparently the "acquired" some in early 62 but most men preferred the HArdee Hat)and kept their M1841's at least through the fall of 63 and there is evidence some had them through the Grand Review though that bit of evidence may be a simple clerical error.

They had a well earned reputation as good shooters and hard marchers, some of that due to their initial posting on the frontier facing the Lakota.
What fascinateds me about the 4th was the arms they were issued... a little of everything w/ the M1841's being the most up to date. Initially they were issued whatever was available in the armories and most of that was far from new. Initially five Companies were carrying flintlock conversions of the M1816/22, one company were issued M1817 rifles, another company carried "Bright Belgians" and the two lucky companies were carrying M1841's. That means .54, .58, .69 & .71 all in the same regiment; talk about a Quartermaster nightmare. By the time of Vicksburg at least 4 companies were carrying M1841's but D company was still hauling around their M1817 rifles. I suspect that after Vicksburg they traded away their really old stuff for those pretty Enfields so politely donated to the US by the CS surrender of Vicksburg.

A lot of little things about this Regiment and the men w/in interest me. To me they were the kind of men that made the AoT and the rest of those men under Sherman so good. IMO they were the kind of men that won the war.

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