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 Posted: Mon Oct 1st, 2007 12:52 am
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Just yesterday I saw an explanation by Lynn Novik who directed "The War" along with Ken Burns who says they chose World War Two to film because veterans of this war are dying at the rate of a thousand a day. They wanted to get these vets' stories while there were some still alive who could tell it in their own words first hand. Burns spoke with 600 people for this film.

While World War One is fascinating, few--if any--World War One veterans are alive to tell the story of their WW1 experiences.  

My dad was in the Navy in WWII, He is no longer with us, but my Mom's stories about how WW II was for the women who had husbands, brothers, sons, and family members in the war and the sacrifices made on the home front from rationing to what was known about the war and how little about the actual progress of the war was really known by those left at home. 

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