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 Posted: Fri Feb 17th, 2006 06:41 pm
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We had some things vandalized down here in Fredericksburg too over the years. REALLY makes me angry. Worse (if it could get worse) is think about how many YEARS this stuff was respected and untouched and then all of the sudden some ***** teenagers with no regard or respect for local history does this.

There was (is) a slave trading block (about 3 or 4 feet high that they stood them on for auctions) on one of the corners in downtown F'burg (right there in the middle of the sidewalk) you would almost trip over it if you weren't paying attention and it sat there unprotected and unmolested for hundreds of years. And then some punks trying to make a political statement about racism smash a huge chunk off with a sledgehammer. I don't even know if they ever caught them - but I'd take the sledgehammer to them if I could.

This is a disturbing trend going on across America as the youth of today (remember, I have 3 kids so far (1 is 14) - so I can say this) are complete idiots who could care less about any of this stuff. If someone vandalized one of their cell phones, PS2's or MP3 players - then they would notice!!!

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