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 Posted: Tue Oct 2nd, 2007 01:28 am
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I don't think the NPS is truly responsible for the removal of tree growth in the area.  I believe it is thanks to Glatfelter (?) paper company.  In return, they will be using the trees which are cut down.  To print more CW books, perhaps?

It's a shame that the NPS can't take a page from the book of how former residents of GB took care of the undergrowth.  They allowed their livestock to browse there.  If you think about it, it would be an easy job for a small flock of goats.

I believe overgrowth is a problem in many of the other CW battle sites.  Petersburg, for instance.  We were there some years ago, and I wondered aloud to the ranger how they even knew which direction to shoot as you couldn't see the town for the trees!:D

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