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 Posted: Tue Oct 2nd, 2007 04:33 am
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I believe the NPS is indeed overseeing the tree clearing project, begun in 1999 under park superintendent John Latschar, although I suspect the actual cutting and removal of trees has been subcontracted. It's up to the NPS to determine which trees will go, which will stay, and where there will be new trees planted, mostly in the form of historically correct orchards.

Goats would be great for clearing secondary growth, but they probably wouldn't mingle well with all the licensed battlefield guided tours going on. The field is difficult enough to study and explore without competing with farm animals for space.

Doc C,

I go to Gettysburg every June for the Civil War Institute, and as commercial and crowded as it sometimes is, there's plenty of moments for introspection and reflection: Herbst Woods, where the Iron Brigade met the 26th NC, or the site of the 1st Minnesota's heroic delaying action, or even Pickett's Charge, never fail to move me. Curiously, except for Pickett's Charge, many sites are surprisingly free of tourists. I always head to Blocher's (Barlow's) Knoll on my visits, where my ancestors fought with the 153rd PA. Hardly anybody goes there. Not sexy enough, I guess. And if you ever get the chance, wander out to Iverson's Pits either early in the moring or at sunset and see if that doesn't raise the hair on your arms.

Also, I believe I read somewhere where tree clearing from Brawner Farm to the Deep Cut is being planned for 2nd Manassas. Let's hope so.

I've been going to G-Burg for the CWI for 17 years, and always made it a point never to go to the tower just out of sheer principle of the thing. Talk about a blight to the eyes. I always thought it looked like the misplaced superstructure of a battleship.

I think Sprio Agnew had something to do with G-burg getting the tower, if I recall. And it was originally planned for a site just off the Emmitsburg Road on a parcel of land within the city limits next to a motel that itself was torn down about three years ago.

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