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 Posted: Wed Oct 3rd, 2007 12:43 am
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To repeat a previous post Broadfootes book pretty much sums it for me - collecting books had it's advantages, even virtues, over some of the alternatives: booze, gambling, chasing skirts, chasing pants, experimental airplanes - everything, except maybe fishing. In becoming a civil war book collector, Harry is gaining a bit of knowledge, he's home reading the books, he's not catching anything from the books, better yet, he's not giving it to you and he won't leave you for the books. Your marriage is, in fact, secured by the books because Harry knows that if your union flounders, he will have to sell the books and give you half the money. So, you cohorts of collectors, be of good cheer as you step over the stacks in the hall and dust around the shelves. Books ar, by far, the lesser of available evils.
I've always been interested in history, was a history minor in college. Med. school/internship/residency/fellowship/private practice/family pretty much relagated my interest in the civil war to the sidelines except for the occasional reading. With my leaving full time practice, moving up to Maryland and having all my children out of the house over the last 5 years, I've been able to devote my ample free time to my current passions - Civil War/Geneology research. My spouse is extremely supportive as long as I don't discuss subjects more than once. I learned a long time to honor the Johnny Winter blues song - It's my own fault that you treat me the way you do.

Doc C

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