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 Posted: Wed Oct 3rd, 2007 11:49 pm
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Johnny Huma
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I agree..The efforts put forth for the clearing of trees and planting of orchards brings to the battlefield a new view of things. The clear cutting on Oak Hill was great and the view puts it all in perspective when one is studying the movements of the troops. We will never get rid of the Mcdonalds and other businesses there and that is a shame. I cant wait for the new Visitors Center to Open and the Old one tore down along with the Ugly Old Cyclerama Building and Zeiglars Grove put back..We will never be able to view it as those who fought there in 1863 but we can get a better understanding of what they saw and hence why and attack was made in a certin location. That is hard to see when there are trees blocking views of the field that were at one time open...

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