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 Posted: Sat Feb 18th, 2006 05:24 pm
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I have been following the posts on the Gettysburg vandalism and share the outrage with everyone else. It is a shame that someone could harbor so much anger and have so much disrespect to commit such acts. I do believe that those responsible will be caught. No one will ever accuse them of being rocket scientists and the fact that they were stupid enough to take evidence from the scene will certainly give the authorities leads enough to make an eventual arrest(s). I will look forward to reading about that when it happens which brings me to my second point.

I am reminded how lucky we are to have CWi bring us such news in a timely manner. Unless we linked to a local paper, many of us with a CW interest would not hear of news like this for weeks if at all. The daily news articles and immediate updates are certainly appreciated.



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