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 Posted: Fri Oct 5th, 2007 05:32 pm
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From a broader perspective, it seems that some people long for a day that never was, i.e., when history was "pure" and taught "like it should have been" in the public schools. Back when I was in school, teaching "pure" history meant that America could do no wrong and was more an exercise in nationalist propaganda than trying to show what really happened. It wasn't until I reached college that I realized there was a little of both in it. America did some really great things in its past but it also committed some really horrible acts.
I'm not in favor of whitewashing the past from either side. No matter how much people don't want to admit it, the CBF was, is and always will be a symbol of southern racism. That said, southern racism was a part of our history and should never be downplayed because the mere mention of it offends someone, on either side. To show a student what that symbol was is not wrong. To prompt discussion on whether it was indeed a symbol of southern racism is not wrong. To let all sides speak out on this issue is not wrong. To hold on to some fantastical past where history used to be taught "pure" and "right" is wrong and always will be. Political correctness is alive and well on both sides.


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