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 Posted: Fri Oct 5th, 2007 07:26 pm
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To those who say the CBF "was and always has been" a symbol of racism, I must disagree.

During the Civil War, that flag did NOT stand for, nor mean, "I hate black people", i.e, racist sentiment. To think that it did betwen 1861-1865, is a gross mis-interpretation of history and Southern sentiment. I personally take offense from people who accuse my Southern ancestors, Southern soldiers, as ALL being racist.

Since the war, various organizations and individuals have corrupted it to the point that it is synonymous with hate. It appears that those hate-mongers have become historical revisionists, in that they've taken away the meaning and replaced it with a vile theory promoting racism.

Please, do not offend me and my forefathers by shoving down my throat that the CBF "was" always a symbol of racism. Am I a racist because I reenact in a Confederate artillery unit, flying our battery flag behind us? Or, in that capacity, am I a teacher? If I am a teacher, waving the CBF, am I teaching/promoting racism? In this context, does the CBF ALWAYS represent racism? If not, then to generalize by saying the CBF always was and is racist, is dead wrong.

Slavery existed under the United States flag first, and longer, than it did under the CBF during the war for Southern Independance.

That's my two cents....

Albert Sailhorst

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