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 Posted: Fri Oct 5th, 2007 07:50 pm
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In 1861-1865, it stood for the rights of state's vs. the rights af Federal government. That has always been a Constitutional issue, utill the Civil War. Slavery in America was not racially motivated, it was economically motivated.
Today, hate groups have assinged to the CBF racial/hatred definitions.
Again, IF it stands for racism, AND I wave it at a reenactment, what am I promoting?
It appears that no minds will be changed, but I damn sure hate for someone to tell me that the CBF meant racism and hatred to the soldiers that fought under it. There were plenty of Southern soldiers who didn't own slaves and didn't care one way or another if slavery existed or not, nor did they hate blacks. Don't make those Southern soldiers into Neo-Nazis. The one's that are the Neo-Nazis are the ones who've altered the flag for their own purposes.
To say that what it stood for in 1861 and what it stands for today is to call me a racist for waving it and having it hang in my home. I take great offense to that. To that end, perhaps the CBF means certain things to certain people; however, the original intent was not racist nor hate-spreading.

Albert Sailhorst

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