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 Posted: Sat Oct 6th, 2007 04:13 am
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Ok Ole,

speaking of the CBF..

so how do you resolve the dichotomy... you have reverence for the men who fought under it is honorable...yet you believe it is an insult to many people.. so by inference it is dishonorable...
I believe things are what they are.... attachments placed on them by emotion, misunderstandings, ignornce, etc are not germaine to the argument.. The CBF was not racist in its beginning but rather was a soldier's flag used in battle to locate units. That it has been hijacked by various hate groups is secondary to its original purpose.

I honor that flag and the men who served, fought, bled and died under it. I do not honor those who have hijacked it for their own ends. If that makes me racist... then so be it. If the argument is with the 1st national, then maybe, just maybe, you have an argument...but not the battleflag..
The interesting thanig with that argument is that damn near onone outside the CW community has a clue ehat the 1st national was/is..... I fly a 1st national on my vehicle and people ask me all the time what is is. When I reply,.. "the stars n bars"... they think I am crazy... everyone knows the stars n bars is the "confederate" flag


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