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 Posted: Sat Oct 6th, 2007 05:24 am
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Perception is reality. The older I get the more I recognize the truth in this. It is remarkable the amount of ignorance we Americans seem to possess in regards to any of our own history. I for one cannot see how showing a flag in a display about the civil war could in any way be offensive, but that is my take on the issue, but this high schooler apparently feels differently.

It always amuses me this politically correct outlook on the world. If you are going to remove the confederate flag, then you sure as hell better remove the AMERICAN flag as well. The north and lincoln emancipators? Bah, if it was economically expedient for that region than the north would have continued with that peculiar institution just as long as the south did.  When you get done with that, better start teaching how washington and our other so called for-fathers were racist slave owners and remove their likeness from currency, their monuments, etc, etc, etc. Follow the logic train onward untill everything remotely offensive in any plausible, or implausible, way is removed once and for all.  When we are finsihed we will have sufficiently white-washed our history to a satisfactory level I think.

Thats my two cents, if the school wants to remove the flag so be it. Just be aware of the counter-argument is all I ask, and to read up on your history to a point at which you will be able to make reasonable conclusions...


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