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 Posted: Sat Oct 6th, 2007 07:16 am
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This subject is rapidly becoming emotionally overwrought. The Confederate Battle Flag, St. Andrew's cross with stars, was carried into battle by ordinary guys who presumably fought for what they believed. For that reason, and for that reason alone, it ought to symbolize an American fighting man. That he was fighting for the right or wrong cause has little to do with it. On that point alone will I concede that the CBF represents honor.

It is not my fault nor my problem that it has come to mean something different. I am not a member of the "northern" media. It isn't "their" fault nor problem either. The flag was pre-empted by aome rather unsavory characters without so much as a peep from those who now whine about the interpretation given it.

If you want that flag to mean what it ought to mean, you'll have to peel back the layers of history during which it was defiled. Selma. Little Rock. Memphis. The flag has friends on this board. Unfortunately, very few outside of it.


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