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 Posted: Mon Oct 8th, 2007 05:34 am
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   There was indeed a Union general named John Eugene Smith. He was born in Switzerland. He ended up in Illinois. He was made a brigadier general of volunteers in November of 1862. Here is a short biography of him.

   And here is a picture of him and his monument.


Gen John Eugene Smith (1816 - 1897) - Find A Grave Memorial

   If this is not your man, there is another possibility. There was a John Corson Smith who was a lieutenant colonel in the 96th Illinois. He was made a brevet brigadier general on June 20, 1865. He might be connected somehow to the one above, being from Illinois also.

   Being made a brevet general was usually a reward for faithful service. It did not bring with it the pay of a full rank general, but the officer was allowed to use the title of: "General."

  Here is a picture and short bio of John Corson Smith.


John Corson Smith (1832 - 1910) - Find A Grave Memorial

  He was born in Philadelphia and is 16 years younger than General John Eugene Smith above. The bio of John E. Smith indicates that when he first came to America, it was to Philadelphia. That makes me believe that the two are related in some way. They are buried in the same cemetery.

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