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 Posted: Mon Oct 8th, 2007 04:17 pm
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Confederate flags were seldom seen after the war except at various veterans, SCV, UDC and TGIF gatherings. It stood for a limited number of ideas and the people using it knew it and said so.

Then in 1948, the federal Civil Rights Commission was established to bring sweeping change in national race relations, with the support of Harry Truman and the Democratic Party. Southern Democrats, upset with the party's support of the commission, deserted the Democratic Party to start their own political group, the Dixiecrats. The party was openly opposed to civil rights legislation. The Confederate flag and the song "Dixie" were adopted as official symbols of the party. Ever since the two have been linked with segregation and racism in the minds of most Americans.

I have not yet seen the letters of protest written by the UDC or SCV about the mis-use of these cherished symbols in such a cause.

History is a continuous sweep of events; it cannot be picked and chosen to satisfy one’s own agenda.


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