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 Posted: Tue Oct 9th, 2007 12:00 pm
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Such heated debate. I enjoyed reading everyone's point of view here. I just wanted to let you know the current situation. The superintendent wrote back and claims while he agrees with those who have expressed concern over removing the flag from a historical display he felt it was best to remove the "offending artifact" in order to maintain the peace. By that, I am sure he meant he wanted to avoid hearing from the family again. My husband is a teacher in a public high school and we know how sue happy everyone is. The Gloucester County Times also posted an editorial stating they felt an opportunity to learn something was lost here by a hasty decision.

The end result is the flag is still missing from a historical display. How can you represent the fight when only one side is allowed to be visible?  Perhaps this analogy is not quite adequate but to me it's like leaving out the Red Baron when talking about Eddie Rickenbacker because he represented the "bad guys". What's the point? Without eachother, neither is valid as far as history is concerned.

Just my humble point of view. Please don't all get upset over it. I hate to see anyone leave the board over a spirited debate.

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