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 Posted: Tue Oct 9th, 2007 03:19 pm
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First, my apologies for misinterpreting what you said.....After consideration and after reading your post with a more objective train of thought, I see you were'nt inviting me to leave, to the contrary, you were’nt. I also appreciate your saying I'd be missed....I am humbled and flattered.


Thanks! I appreciate your words regarding CW reenactments/reenactors.

Just a side note, there are WWII reenactors….oddly, I’ve seen them at CW reenacments recruiting, albeit, their type of reenacting is’nt as extensive as CW.

Your question regarding if the South had won, would slavery have been abandoned?….In my opinion, the Industrial revolution would have killed slavery, however, no one during the CW could have foreseen the Industrial revolution, so, I think, it would have continued until then, and then died out. After all, it’s cheaper still to operate a machine than to feed, cloth and house a workforce.

I also agree with you: the flag should be shown to students for what it stood for, NOT what it has come to stand for (in the eyes of those who’ve twisted it, as well as those who were hurt by it). It’s a painful part of history, but one that can’t be forgotten and one that shouldn’t be hidden. Hopefully, we’ve learned, as a nation, from our mistakes, and will continue to educate.

As to people having a difference of opinion and thinking differently than I do, I welcome it. I’d hate to be so close minded so as to blind myself to possibilities other than my own. I hope I NEVER “know” so much about history so as to tell everyone else that they’re wrong. I’ve been to other CW chatgroups, on-line memberships and e-groups that I’ve left because there’s always some that “know” more than any one else and they become very condescending. I can’t learn anything in that kind of environment. I’ve been coming to this website since the 1990’s WAY before the chat section, etc….I loved it then, and I love it today because it is informative and no one is at all condescending. My hat is off to all commentors who have always been cordial.

Perhaps you, in reality, didn’t insult me as much as I mis-interpreted your meaning and, in that, ended up insulting myself.

Anyway, in my opinion, I think I’ve said more than enough on the subject, so I’ll just kick back and watch.

To the administrators/moderators, Thanks for a great site that I’ve enjoyed for close to 10 years. To all member/commentors, thanks for teaching me and others! Thanks also for keeping differing points of view alive. With the exception of my tirade last week, everyone has ALWAYS been polite, posting some very well thought and well written posts on a variety of subjects.

Albert Sailhorst

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