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 Posted: Tue Oct 9th, 2007 05:11 pm
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The whole thing of Forrest and Ft. pillow distrubs me greatly. Here we have an extremely talented general who is villified over something that may or may not have happened. From all I have read, there are two very definite sides to the story. The Confederates are accused of advancing under a FOT, while the Union commander tried to get a gunboat to support him under that same flag. The Confederate troops who are said to have advanced, were most probably in place before the FOT and in fact, took themselves OUT of the action by their movement. The USCT s were fairly untrained troops who supposedly surrendered then picket up their rifles and continued fighting...causing a condition called DEAD. After the battle, confederates are accused of burying wounded alive, when it was the union navy that did the buurying.... lots and lots of controversies and yet because he was a Confederate general, we are willing to demonize him.
Finally, it became a propaganda event with all sorts of outlandish claims of barbarism being made to the Congressional "committe on the conduct of the war"

What really happened? Who knows?


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