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 Posted: Tue Oct 9th, 2007 11:04 pm
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Daniel Sauerwein
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I heard from Ed (Class of '68), but I know there are a few more of you IC folks here, so let me hear from you. Shout out your class year, major, minor(s) (if any), and favorite prof.

I'll start:

Daniel Sauerwein
Class of 2006
Major: History
Minors: Economics and Geography (I am probably the last Geog. minor at the Hilltop)
Fav. Prof.: Dr. James Davis (Kudos to Dr. Kunath also)

I wish I could be there for homecoming, but I am in ND at graduate school, but I stopped by ol' IC this summer and the place looks good. To all IC alums going to homecoming, have a great time.

Daniel Sauerwein '06

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