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 Posted: Wed Oct 10th, 2007 11:14 pm
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There's at least two buried in my hometown of Jerseyville. Col. William Fulkerson, who's mansion still stands north of town and one of his sons are buried in the city cemetery.


Illinois College was founded at Jacksonville, IL in 1829 and held the first class in Jan. 1830. Like Ed said, it is in the west central part of IL. IC has a rich Civil War related history. We are also the alma mater for William Jennings Bryan '81 (Ed I know that since you are a Sig, you know of WJB). It served as a stop on the Underground Railroad (the campus is now part of the National URR trail, or something to that effect) and a majority of students and staff served on both sides in the war, with most serving the Union, which is how we got our nickname the Blueboys. That nickname has been the source of some embarrassment. I have heard (and Ed correct me if I am wrong) that Tom Rowland, when he had to announce the college and its mascot at his NFL tryout, said he went to Illinois College, home of the Tigers because he did not want to be teased for the Blueboys nickname. That's just what I heard from another alum. Ed is right about falling in love with the campus. It is beautiful, with several buildings being over 75 years old.

Getting the thread back on topic, where are the rest of the IC alums?

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