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 Posted: Tue Oct 16th, 2007 01:02 am
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If we were playing in the swamp, I would be really worried. Don't get me wrong florida is a excellent football team, but Kentucky has a very good shot at them since its being played in commonwealth. If Kentucky can score the way they did against LSU, they sure can score on florida.

I hate sudden-death overtime. The team that gets the ball first, owing to the flip of a coin, has such an unfair advantage. At least the college version attempts to be fair...

About the clock stopping? Why not do it that way? Just because the NFL does it another way doesn't mean that college should be compelled to do it that way. I really don't see the big deal-one way or the other. Change the college shot clock to the NBA shot clock, and get rid of metal bats in college? Would it change the dynamics? Sure. Change in a positive way? Thats debatable.

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