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 Posted: Tue Oct 16th, 2007 06:14 pm
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Oops thats right you did play S.C. earlier...well play them again by God, and whip em again lol. I wish UK had another shot at that arrogant, egotistical *mumble* *mumble* etc. etc...

I Know you won't be offended by this Roger-it pretty much sums up what seems to be the majority opinion In America:

(From King of The Hill television show, when Dad finds out his son has quit American Football to play soccer)

Dad: *sigh* I didn't want to have to tell you this Bobby, but soccer was invented by European women to pass the time while the men were off fighting.

Son: Why must you hate what you don't understand?

Dad: I don't hate you Bobby.

Son: I was talking about soccer.

Dad: Oh yes, soccer. Yes...I HATE soccer...

Well there you have it. Soccer is a symbol of national pride seeminly everywhere else in the world. Its funny, I don't think the world realizes how little America as a whole cares when we get beat at soccer. I've seen some celebrate beating us by burning American flags, and people here are just like "we have a soccer team? Since when?"

Most places are befuddled by American Football, and we are totally at a loss for what makes soccer a good sport.

Javal-I think I can speak honestly when I say I don't think a few machine guns and barbed wire would have kept UK fans off that field. They would have charged down the guns...It would have taken a defense in depth constructed by Military engineers over months of time, manned by hundreds of hardened veterans... Their is a push right now and people all over the state are sending money to UK to pay for the fine LOL

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