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 Posted: Sat Feb 25th, 2006 05:59 am
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I second Joe on the Gingerbread Man.  I have eaten dinner there twice and love the place.  The crabcakes are wondeful as is the gingerbread.  My friends and I found it actually by accident the first time.  Last time I was in Gettysburg I made sure I went back.


As to sites to see. I agree a tour guide that drives your car is wonderful  I didn't do that at Gettysburg but did at Vicksburg.  Best 35 dollars I could have spent.  You can actually look at the sights and not have to worry about driving.  Dont forget to get out of the car as suggested and make sure you go up to the top of Round Top and look down . 

Here in California all students in 4th grade seem to have to make a Mission one of the21 in the state.  When I was in school we all made one together out of sugar cubes.   Made the Los Angeles Times too!!!


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