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 Posted: Wed Oct 17th, 2007 11:39 pm
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I presume you'all are talking about the Woodland, CA Dentist.  One sick puppy for sure, but I'm curious as to why a patient would come back a second time AFTER he did the rub-down.  Maybe she just couldn't get enough.  Not all the sickos are BEHIND the patients.
ghdalton: First of all, we're all very glad you've chosen to join us. There were second times? Pretty doggone gullible, don't you think? And, maybe, he believed that bit about a rubdown being therapeutic. Ain't no figuring what's going on out there. And who bought into it. Makes sense to me, but it would appear that a couple three subjects didn't agree. It's gonna take more than a Johnnie Cochran or Melvin Bellie to get him off the charge. It's just too, too much.

Trust me. If I rub your boobs, you'll feel so much better. Really!


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