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 Posted: Thu Oct 18th, 2007 02:33 am
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Johnny Huma
Johnny Huma

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Love Playing Civil War songs since about 6 months ago I took up the fife...One of my favorites to play is "The Girl I left behind me" not only because I like th music if you ever find the words which you can on its about a guy leaving his wife and leaving her a bunch of nothing behind..And I dont think he going off to war he is going off with another woman...other favorites

Bonnie Blue flag


Battle Cry of freedom

When Johnny comes marching home

GarryOwen ( which is not a person but a place near Limrick )

Yankee Doodle (which was a song the British played making fun of the Yanks)

Minstrel Boy

Kingdom Coming

Are just a few that I love to fife out...

Try fifeing you may just like it...

Just obtained a Period Civil War fife (Firth and Pond) 61 to 63 contracted to make 1000 of these for the Union, on e-bay...It was not cheap but I won it..;)

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