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 Posted: Sun Feb 26th, 2006 12:25 am
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I have just finished reading the update to 'The 10 Worst Leaders of the Civil War'

And while there is still some argument of who should be and who should not be on the list, and will I suggest be so for as long as lists are compiled. I cannot but feel that there must be a place on the list for 'two-somes'. To include Gideon Pillow, essentially for his actions at Fort Donaldson, and leave out John Floyd, his fellow co-conspirator, does a great injustice to the memory of the Confederate soldiers who fell at Fort Donaldson, and the 13,000 who were consigned to captivity.

Rarely I would suggest that at anytime in the history of the American Civil War did the forces of war combine to bring two such people together at the same time.


Bill Wyndham


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