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 Posted: Fri Oct 19th, 2007 03:02 pm
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younglobo wrote: She used to reenact with me in our early marriage days but seems to think that 3 kids and herself would be hard to fit in one A tent from ages 2 -12 .


We got around this by getting ourselves a Sergeants tent. Much more room. We set up cots and it is quite cozy.  At this point we are planning to also get our own "A" tent for my kids (12 and 14) as they are getting too big and even the wall tent with 4 cots leaves little room to maneuver inside.  It's tough getting into a corset and hoops when you can't stand up straight in your own tent! 

Our friends also have 3 kids - 6 thru 14 - they strap 2 cots together and put an air mattress on top for the adults. This opens a lot of floor space in the wall tent.  Works great for them.

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