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 Posted: Fri Oct 19th, 2007 03:09 pm
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The warden and I took a nice trip  last weekend to St. Louis and visited Grants Farm, I must confess it was her idea I think she thought it was civil war era history and thought I would go just for that . I was much impressed with the site and staff there they were top shelf. Of course it was Friday morning when we went so wasnt much in the way of traffic we got the house and tour guide all to ourselves learned alot about Grant and they have a nice interactive museum there. Didnt know that Green was a victorian color for homes, I am glad that went out of style. Beings that I have Confederate leanings, have always looked at Grant as the villian he beat us and killed alot of good men to do it , but the site showed the personal side of the man which took the villian view away . Heck I even bought a book about him at the book store "Grant " By Jean Edward Smith which is one of two books on Union generals in my collection so theres a first.  Basically im saying check the place out if you get by it is worth it.

Even something for the wife and kids too as Anhiser Busch owns the property that surrounds the site and they have a kind of zoo that you can take a tram ride and see animals from alll over the world, also have the Clydesdale farm there, a museum of thier own and FREE beer course it was like 50 degrees that AM so i didnt partake.

We also took a riverboat dinner cruise that was pretty awsome too if you get the chance but the diesel engine rumble kind of bummed me out .

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