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 Posted: Fri Oct 19th, 2007 06:16 pm
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Well if we are going to suggest modern covers of Civil War tunes let me make an off beat suggestion of the Dropkick Murphys.  They are an alternative group that plays many traditional tunes in an untraditional manner using both traditional and untraditional instruments.  The vocals are in the style of the music the kids listen to today (sounds like the singer is seriously constipated) and is an acquired taste but I like their high energy and instrumentation.  If you saw Martin Scorsese's The Departed one of their treatments of a traditional sailing song, Going up to Boston was prominently featured (like Scorsese or not the man knows how to integrate music into a film).

Anyway their Civil War song I like is The Fighting 69th, which was a Civil War re-lyricing (is that a word?) of the traditional Irish tune The Foggy Dew.

While I'm plugging them, I'll plug another of their songs, an anti-war ballad, that they actually do in a more traditional manner influenced by the Vietnam War but about the Great War and that is the Greenfields of France.

Anyway I'm like my parents and hate my kids' music most of the time but I like these guys and many of my daughter's friends at high school think I'm "awesome" because I listen to the Dropkicks.

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