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 Posted: Wed Oct 24th, 2007 05:41 am
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I am stil l staring at the statement hoping it would give me some insight , but not so far.  Peacetime and WAR are opposites , right ?  At least I think so. 

The movement of people here in California is huge , not sure but think more people moved than in Katrina but a different type of movement so can't really tell.  No buses loading up people , or boats going from house to house.  I did hear that all the hotels all up the coast from San Diego to Long Beach are full.  That is over 100 miles apart . 


Would love to ask what he meant ?  


By the way fires are not near me,  just the smoke because the wind has been blowing toward the shore not away from it.  Sky above is grey.   Last night the smell of smoke was in the air.     Only problem here is breathing the bad air



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