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 Posted: Fri Oct 26th, 2007 03:31 pm
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Johan .. Im with you on the child molester (ever notice just   add a "N" and monster is in there) short rope would be cheap and could be used again , I was thinking of someone that is a good shot and a cheap but deadly bullet.

someone that steals from a church is the worst form of human to me , here is an organization for which the intention  is to help all people and some one steals from it and everything in it is provided by its members. This happen to my church and i felt like they stole from me and also God.  I would agree that 10- 30 years is excessive for a 17 year old , maybe said young man should have to serve 30 days of community service in said church  and hopefully the sinner could be changed.

Before anyone puts the 2 paragraphs above together and goes huh that don't add up . The 1st paragraph is the flesh or sin nature of me the 2nd is the Christ in me, hopefully as a christian the 2nd paragraph will become 100 percent of me someday.

But even Jesus him self hated  harming the young , so maybe i'm in good company

"It would be better to be thrown into the sea with a large millstone tied around the neck than to face the punishment in store for harming one of these little ones." Luke 17:2

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