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 Posted: Sat Oct 27th, 2007 02:57 am
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I can see your point but I dont want to support this guy for the rest of his life on my paycheck either. What the issue actually is, is not that we can kill or punish this man for the rest of his life but how do we get the Judges in Our New America to keep him in jail so he does not go on molesting more children. Put yourself in the shoes of the Parents who child has been molested by some sicko that has just been let out of jail for his last offense of molestation and has now got your child in hand..Scary thought, is it not..God is the Ultimate Judge of such things but we need laws to keep this guy behind bars without costing the taxpyer more and more money for parole hearings..I dont believe a child molester can be rehabilitated because it is a wierd kind of sickness that medicine cannot help. Education will help by informing children what to look for and what not to do and what to do
but that only goes so far..A big man and a small child are no match for each other..We need laws to keep these perverts behind bars forever. If someone molested one of my grandchildren I could not stand by and watch what is going to happen to him in our Court system..I would want to choke him to death, even if it is a sickness he has because he just inflicted that sickness on my grandchild...


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